BOOK CORNER: Veteran journalist publishes Afrofuturistic sci-fi novel

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Swazembi, an imaginary resort world, is about to name its newest Rare Indigo, the highest and most sacred honors.

Lileala, a beautiful woman with radiant skin, will be named the revered title of the Rare Indigo. But, when something goes wrong and Lileala’s skin becomes damaged, she flees to another village where she hopes to find a cure. While there, she experiences transformations and awakens new powers inside her.

That’s the basis for “Where it Rains in Color,” by Denise Crittendon.

Inside her book, Crittendon has created a galaxy where Black people are leaders and dark skin is admired.

“My novel is an attempt to move far, far beyond the vestiges of that troubled past and usher in spectacular new attitudes about Black radiance,” Crittendon said. “As an Afrofuturistic writer, I want to carve out perspectives that elevate our experience and focus on the Black aesthetic.”

It was important for Crittendon to create a book that addresses and challenges universal beauty standards.

“In ‘Where It Rains in Color,’ I flip beauty standards and shine the spotlight on textured hair, African spirituality and, of course, melanin,” Crittendon said. “Basically, I created a society that revolves around the elegance of Black women.”

“Where It Rains in Color” is a female-driven novel.

“Like most writers, I want everyone to read it but, realistically, women of all ages and races (especially Black women) are the chief demographic,” Crittendon said.

It’s the author’s hope that readers of her book gain a greater sense of self and a greater awareness of the profoundness of the motherland, Africa.

“I want readers to walk away with the awareness that no race has a monopoly on intelligence, innovativeness and beauty,” Crittendon said. “We don’t see with our eyes. Our beliefs, beauty standards, and even the foods we eat are rooted in conditioning and what we’ve been taught.”

In addition to being an author, Crittendon is a veteran journalist. She is based in Detroit and Spring Valley, Nevada. For more information about the author, her work, and to stay up to date on book signings, visit

“Where It Rains in Color” is available for $15.99 on Amazon and $17.99 in bookstores across the United States and the United Kingdom.

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