City conducts first cannabis career fair

By Ural Garrett

Contributing Writer

LOS ANGELES — The city Department of Cannabis Regulation held its first virtual career fair titled “GROW 2021” over Zoom Aug. 21.

Created in partnership with all-in-one contracting, business modeling and finance service provider firm WADECO Business Center, the event was created to educate the community on how to grow, cultivate, sell and distribute the controversial cannabis legally.

“Now that it’s legalized, people want to get into the cannabis industry but they don’t necessarily know the steps or what to do so we created this job fair to help educate those who wanted to learn more,” said WADECO Executive Assistant Dejah Raoof.

Besides providing panels for potential cannabis entrepreneurs, there was also information available for those with interest in working within the industry. Raoof mentioned that nearly 700 individuals registered for the event.

“A bunch of the panelists talked about what they do and how they got started but also gave a listing of jobs that viewers could go after,” Raoof said. “It was a two-way opportunity for people to educate themselves on the industry and to possibly find jobs as well.”

 Considered one of the most notable women in the cannabis industry, Apothecarry Brands CEO Whitney Beatty served as the keynote speaker of the event. Apothecarry’s cases have become popular for cannabis users who want an efficient, affordable and protective way of protecting their drugs.

Other speakers also included WADECO founder Connie Sparks, Social Equality Program Director for LA City Department of Cannabis Regulation Dr. Imani Brown and the head of the L.A. City Department of Cannabis Regulation, Cat Packer.

Spread across panels focusing on retail, cultivation and distribution/marketing, attendees were given advice from individuals within the industry like Emery Morrison, co-founder of online cannabis retailer CampNova.

“This is the time to explore different career and entrepreneur opportunities in the growing cannabis industry,” said Morrison. “The amount of time and financial struggles that come with the cannabis licenses are some things that most ambitious entrepreneurs don’t consider, but need to know before jumping in head first.”