‘Do you feel comfortable in crowded places yet?’

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Dwight Trible

Los Angeles

“No. Personally, I think that Gov. Newsom has been bullied into opening things up before things were really ready to be opened.”

Megashia Jackson


“I am as long as I’ve got my mask, maybe even a face shield. I do certain things, but for a big, big crowd, I would need a mask and a face shield. I’ve been a germophobe long before COVID.”

Rene Fisher Mims

Los Angeles

“If it was a marketplace crowd, then yeah, because I’m moving and I have my mask on and I’m not inside. Inside I would be afraid of crowds because I think we’re too close.”

Sonya Frazier


“Pretty much so, but they haven’t been … huge crowds like a concert. I have gone to the airport. I wore not one mask, but two masks … because I was traveling to L.A. and I felt I needed to be very well protected.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park.

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