‘Should carrying a concealed weapon be legalized?’

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Christopher Thomas

Los Angeles

“No, because anybody with a concealed weapon could use it against somebody else for no apparent reason. … It’s bad enough trying to walk the streets without that.”

Loretta Randall

Los Angeles

No, you should not be able to have a concealed weapon. We need to show some love. We need to reach out and touch one another and let love be the transforming factor.”

Gloria Davis

Los Angeles

“I’m against weapons period, but when they’re concealed and folks emotions and actions change so quick, something could provoke a person and … many people can get hurt.” 

Gina Fields

Los Angeles

“No, I don’t believe people should be allowed to carry concealed weapons. There’s just too much violence going on right now and too much anger.” 

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in South Los Angeles.

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