‘Do you plan on getting a flu shot this year?’


Zack Spencer

Los Angeles

“I personally have not taken a flu vaccine before. However, I don’t think they’re a bad idea. No reason not to be safe about it.”

Maria Ocegueda

Los Angeles

“I think it’s really, really important to get the flu shot. … I think it’s important for your health and your family’s health as well.”

Patrica Jones


“I never have taken it and I doubt if I ever will.  I’m fine without it. I take care of myself and I just don’t see myself putting that virus in my body to prevent the flu from coming in.”

Janet Curry

Playa del Rey

“For this year, I think getting the flu shot is important because of the coronavirus. It helps build the immune system.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Buckingham Business Park in Culver City.