‘Do you think Gov. Newsom should be recalled?’


Gary Poe

Long Beach

“I wouldn’t say so because I don’t see a better alternative. I think it’s the right trying to throw someone in so they can start working on taking our rights to vote away and start screwing up what it took us years to do.”

Renett Clough

Los Angeles

“No. I feel like the reason that they’re trying to recall him is political and because he’s a Democrat and because of COVID, he had to shut things down. It just … doesn’t make sense.”

Charlene Batas


“I think he should be. … He was telling people that we should be wearing masks and we should be staying home, but then he’s doing all this other stuff. … He’s basically a hypocrite in my eyes.”

Alicia Vargas

South Gate

“I think the governor should not be recalled because to have been able to allocate the resources that he did during the pandemic in an unprecedented time that no one has experienced, I don’t think anyone would have done a better job.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park.

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