‘Do you think the November election will be fair?’


Govanna M.

Los Angeles

“I don’t think it will be fair because of the president. I think that he’s doing everything in his power to make it favor his side.”


Victor Golden

Los Angeles

“I hope so. … I just hope everything does go fair. Every time something is going good, Trump throws in a monkey wrench to deter you from what’s really in the forefront.”

Johnny Ringo

Los Angeles

“For sure. The president can attempt to stop the vote, but this is the United States of America. You can’t mess with that. If it was just blacks, he could suppress the vote by not opening up places that should be open to vote. … We’re showing that as a country, we’re tired of what’s going on.”

Katlego Masego

Los Angeles

“No, I don’t think so. I think it’s going to be the same situation that we had before. I don’t think we have any good options. Whether it’s the Democrats or the Republicans, I think it’s going to be the same thing.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Community Build in South Los Angeles.

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