‘Do you think there are any honest politicians out there?’

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Tony Simon

Santa Ana

“Absolutely, positively no, because the system is corrupt. If the system is corrupt, in order to be a politician you almost have to be corrupt.”

Ray Robinson


“I really do believe there are still honest politicians. I can’t judge who they are and what they do and what their issues are and what their beliefs are, but I do believe there are honest politicians.”

C.L. Harris

Buena Park

“Yes, I do believe there are some honest politicians. However, it’s kind of sad when you see others that you respected not be so honest.”

Maritza Neal


I still do think that there [are] honest politicians. But I think that one person messes it up for everyone else. To me, you have to feel the person out and get to know the person.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Santa Ana.

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