Entrepreneur offers recipes for success in ‘Muffin Man Chronicles’


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Editor

“The Muffin Man Chronicles: Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success” by Steve Marks is an exciting new book that chronicles the author’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

“The book details my journey of baking muffins, to pitching McDonald’s (and succeeding), to meeting a president of the United States, to grow into a nationally distributed brand and the high-stakes world of acquisitions,” said the author.

The book was inspired by Marks’ journal entries written over several decades.

“Once I retired, I had this collection of work staring at me every day,” Marks said. “I decided to put it all together in a book to convey and articulate my dream to be an entrepreneur and the great (and sometimes not-so-great) experiences I have had.”

His book offers readers a raw look at what the entrepreneurial life is all about.

“I offer valuable lessons learned from actual experience in an entertaining fashion,” Marks said. “It is my goal with sharing my story that I can help to inspire and guide others who have the entrepreneurial spark so they can go after their goals and achieve them.”

The creation of his book also served as means to reciprocate the generosity he experienced throughout his career.

“I am very grateful that I have had many advisers, mentors, friends, colleagues and others in my inner circle who cared enough about me, often going out of their way to impart their honesty, wisdom, experience and knowledge,” Marks said. “This generosity was an important building block in my career.”

At the end of each chapter, Marks includes recipes outlining the lessons learned from his experiences such as the importance of timing, concept of persistence problem solving and pivoting.

“The Muffin Man Chronicles” will help move readers in right direction. Marks’ intended audience are “college students, people contemplating entrepreneurship, people currently going through the journey [who] want to improve themselves, and people who just want to be entertained.”

In addition to being an author, Marks is now retired but active in his community through his participation in several boards. He is based in Akron, Ohio. For more information about the author and his work, visit muffinmanchronicles.com.

“The Muffin Man Chronicles: Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success” is available for $15.99 (paperback), $7.99 (Kindle) and $13.08 (audio) via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold.