God’s way is always the best way


By Rev. O.L. Johnson

Religion Columnist

There was a time when I literally hated TV commercials. They seemed to pop up at the most inopportune times — when the plot was getting juicy and the bad guy was about to be unmasked.

But now that I’ve grown up a bit, I’ve learned to tolerate them. After all, without them TV programming would not exist, but that’s not the only reason for my change of heart.

The more I looked, the more I realized that the producers of those commercials have their fingers on the pulse of the American public. I don’t know how they do it, but they have a way of tracking the changing thought patterns of people. They use this knowledge to their advantage in hawking their products to the buying public. Allow me to illustrate.

In today’s society, it is commonplace for same-sex relationships to leave the “closet” and become totally public for all to see, especially among well-known, celebrity-types. This trend is becoming more visible, even among the clergy. I recently saw a Facebook post about a service at a gay-oriented church where the senior minister introduced his fellow clergyman.

“And now scripture reading by our executive minister, who also is my husband.”

I wondered why that announcement was necessary. I figured it was that minister’s move to help normalize same-sex relationships and marriages. This move is underway and has not gone unnoticed in the TV advertising community. They have picked up the ball and are running with it.

On any given night of TV watching, if you pay attention, you will notice commercials for various products that feature the average American household as one consisting of same-sex partnerships or marriages. Most of these commercials are well done and subtle. Seldom, if ever, do they make an issue of the relationship, but the message is clear.

As the trend continues to gain momentum, I began to wonder what God thinks of these attempts to normalize same-sex relationships, especially in the marriage arena.  Does he talk about this in his word? I decided to take a look and see for myself. As I looked, I must admit I found no scriptures that address this issue directly. But I found a few that are applicable.

From the beginning (Genesis 1:27, 28) God showed us his idea of the human family structure. He created “male and female” and commanded them to “multiply,” or to enlarge or increase. Man and woman, acting together, were uniquely created to obey this initial command. No matter how hard they try, it’s impossible for same-sex couples to “multiply” as commanded by God.

That’s strike one against same-sex relationships. I found strike two in Genesis 2:24, and Matthew 19:4, 5, where God and Jesus both refer to the relationship between Adam and Eve as a marriage wherein they become one flesh, reinforcing God’s original plan that the family begins and continues with the union of a man and a woman.

And finally, strike three – found in Zechariah 12:12-14, where God actually uses the words “family” and “their wives” in describing the family structures of the houses of David, Nathan, Levi and Shimei.

All these scriptural references are enough to convince me that today’s trend is not within the plan of God for his people. How about you? What’s your take on this issue?       


Rev. O.L. Johnson, a retired LAPD lieutenant, is an associate pastor in his home church, Greater New Zion Baptist, 501 W. 80th St. in South Los Angeles.