‘Griffin’s Heart’ is designed as both book and keepsake


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Griffin’s Heart,” by Reagan J. Pasternak, is an upcoming book that addresses the grief one experiences after losing an animal that was deeply cherished.

The book is part memoir, part healing exercise and. ultimately. a keepsake upon completion of the book.

The book was inspired by Pasternak’s response to losing her animal, Griffin.

“I felt the world often doesn’t quite respect this brand of grief and it can leave us feeling even more alone and isolated,” Pasternak said. “In talking with people, I discovered that I wasn’t alone in these feelings and I wanted to create something that could walk people through their mourning process — almost as a friend who is just there to listen and offer help.”

It was important for Pasternak to write a book of this nature and she was intentional about all that’s included inside.

“I knew too many people who needed this type of outlet for their pain — I needed it,” she said. “And I wanted to get across the idea that animals deserve to be commemorated.”

“Griffin’s Heart” is divided into three parts: To Mourn an Animal, Active Remembering, and To Say Goodbye.

Pasternak offers tools such as meditation, music therapy and more to help animal lovers through their grieving process. There is also space inside of the book for readers to journal about their pets and paste photos.

“The notions and exercises, as well as actively and deliberately setting aside time to sort through our grief might bring the reader some closure,” Pasternak said. “The keepsake aspect of ‘Griffin’s Heart’ allows people to hold something tangible that they can look through and remember for years to come.”

The new book will help guide readers through their grief.

“Griffin’s Heart is for anyone of any demographic who has lost an animal that they loved,” Pasternak said. “It’s also for friends and family who are watching someone go through this type of grief and want to extend their condolences.”

In addition to being an author, Pasternak is an actress. She lives with her family in Los Angeles.

For information about Pasternak and her book visit Griffinsheart.com.

“Griffin’s Heart” is available for $27.99 on Griffinsheart.com and Amazon in December. Click the “notify me” button on the book’s website to be notified when the book is available.