Health officials say hospitalizations continue to decline in Los Angeles County

Hospitalizations continue to decline in L.A. County. There are currently 1,568 confirmed COVID-19 patients hospitalized, down from last month’s average of 2,200 patients. — The Mercury NewsNBC

Dr. Sonia Angell, the director of the California Department of Public Health, resigned Sunday. Her resignation follows last week’s controversy, where officials discovered that an error with the statewide COVID-19 computer tracking system resulted in an undercounting of as many as 300,000 records. — L.A. TimesCBS Los Angeles

A representative of the Los Angeles Police Department union criticized Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to shut off utilities at properties that defy social-distancing guidelines, saying that “civilian staff or someone else with a clipboard” — not police — should respond. — CBS Los Angeles

On Saturday, the president signed an executive order extending $400 weekly federal relief benefits for those who are unemployed. Whether or not the state will match the $200 difference is unknown. — KCRA

Although most public schools are online-only, some California schools are attempting in-person learning in counties that are not on the state’s coronavirus watchlist. — L.A. Times

Hollywood’s movie industry is slowly restarting after taking a drastic hit due to the pandemic. The industry supports more than 700,000 jobs and accounts for $16 billion in wages in the state. — NBC Los Angeles