Indoor dining set back following spike in LA’s COVID-19 cases

By Emily Jo Wharry Contributing Writer

L.A. County’s rising case rate means that indoor dining, as well as other restricted businesses, likely won’t reopen anytime soon. — Eater Los Angeles

The new COVID-19 testing lab in Santa Clarita could cost the state up to $1.7 billion. — KCRA

The COVID-19-related release of thousands of inmates from L.A. County jails failed to reduce the number of Black or mentally ill inmates, according to a task force’s recent findings. — NBC Los Angeles

An L.A.-based photographer is documenting COVID-19’s impact on everyday Angelenos for a project to be featured at the Natural Museum of History. — FOX Los Angeles

Some South L.A. families are preparing to shelter in place for the coming week, due to a combination of possible election unrest and COVID-19 restrictions. — ABC Los Angeles

Angelenos cast their socially distanced votes while wearing face masks at Staples Center on Nov. 3, 2020. Photo by Jintak Han.
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