Intuit Dome seeks bill to allow after-hours alcohol sales

By Emilie St. John

Contributing Writer

INGLEWOOD — Assemblywoman Tina McKinnor has unveiled her 2024 legislative package which includes a bill sponsored by the soon-to-open NBA arena in the city.

Assembly Bill 3206 would allow the sale of alcohol in the Intuit Dome after 2 a.m. once the arena opens in Inglewood in August.

AB 3206 would limit the size of the venue, limit the number of customers allowed in the venue, and limit the days the venue can offer after-hour alcohol sales to mitigate public health and safety concerns.

The bill would only apply to the one venue in the city, which is scheduled to host the 2026 NBA All Star Game and is believed to be a venue for the 2028 Olympics. The bill would sunset in 2030. The bill doesn’t currently have support from any Inglewood officials.

McKinnor’s office and representatives from the Intuit Dome declined to comment on the bill.

Other bills on McKinnor’s agenda this year is legislation related to flavoring in children’s medication and another pertaining to the availability of culturally appropriate hair care products in state prisons. 

In 2023, McKinnor authored Assembly Bill 782, alongside Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin and Assemblyman Tom Lackey, which addressed compounding regulations that allow dispensing medicine, which includes splitting, crushing or adding a flavoring agent to enhance palatability.

The law passed both houses of the Legislature but wasn’t signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

She has brought the bill back under AB 3063 to create an urgency statute to bring AB 782 into law.

Along the lines of campaign finance, McKinnor is sponsoring AB 2911 to address transparency in campaign financing due to the “arbitrarily low campaign contribution limit established in the 1982 Levine Act has made it difficult for state and local candidates to communicate directly with voters and has resulted in an increased use of non-candidate controlled independent expenditures financed with dark money.”

The limit is currently more than $250 which McKinnor describes as “reducing the concentration of political power in the hands of richer individuals.” 

She is seeking to increase the contribution limit to be in excess of $1,500.  The bill has received support from Los Angeles County, the California Contract Cities Association and the California Building Industry Association.

For a full list of McKinnor’s 2024 legislative package visit

Emilie St. John is a freelance journalist covering the areas of Carson, Compton, Inglewood and Willowbrook. Send tips to her at

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