Iranian native pens memoir ‘7,000 Miles to Freedom’


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“7000 Miles to Freedom,” by Naz Meknat, is a compelling new memoir that chronicles one young woman’s journey through Tehran, Iran, during the late 1970s following the revolution, an abusive relationship, and the hope to live an extraordinary life despite the adversity she faced daily. 

“7,000 Miles to Freedom” is Meknat’s first book and it was inspired by her desire to share her story.

“When I was going through hard times, if I heard or read any inspiring stories that was similar to mine it would have given me the courage to leave a lot earlier,” Meknat said. “It would have given me hope that there is help out there and there is life after survival.”

“7,000 Miles to Freedom” will be enjoyed by a universal audience as it has content that everyone may be able to relate to.

“I talk about the political climate in Iran after the 1978 revolution and the Islamic government takeover, the struggles a young girl has growing up with a strict father and even more strict government, surviving domestic violence and my immigration journey,” she said. “So I believe there is a little something for everyone; any gender and any age.”

It’s the author’s hope that her book provides encouragement for readers.

“I want readers to know that these tough situations we find ourselves in are not a life sentence; I want them to know that I too suffered in silence for a few years but the moment I got the courage to speak up and talk about what I was going through, the moment I asked for help, everything changed within 30 minutes,” Meknat said. 

“My whole life took a turn for better and even though it wasn’t easy what I had to endure to finally have the life I wanted but I knew whatever that was waiting for me was going to be much better than the situation I was in.”

In addition to being an author, Meknat is a celebrity wardrobe stylist. She is based in West Hollywood. To learn more about the author and her work visit

“7,000 Miles to Freedom” is available for pre-order for $17.95 via, or Starting Aug. 26, it will be available at Barnes And Noble for in-store purchase.