‘Is the new $1,400 stimulus check enough?’


David Yarbrough

Los Angeles

“I don’t think it’s enough. People have been out of work for a long time and $1,400 is not going to go very far. A lot of people are behind on their bills [and] are going to need a lot more than that.”

Dillard Reeves

Los Feliz

“Yes, but not everyone needs it. They should definitely do some type of income testing because a lot of people who don’t need it will get it. … It should only go to only the most needy.”

Joshua Hillman

Echo Park

“There are families that don’t have any income, so they should get some type of assistance. But it’s probably not going to be that helpful. … They should put the money into making more jobs for people instead of handing out checks.

Juanita Guerrera

Los Angeles

“I think it’s good, but I think they should make it permanent until pandemic is over and things open up again. Some people have lost their jobs and can’t get unemployment, so the government needs to do something.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Griffith Park.