LA County stays on track to move to less restrictive COVID-19 tier

By Emily Jo Wharry Contributing Writer

In L.A. County, 92% of those who have died from COVID-19 had underlying health conditions, and nearly 70% of cases affected people who are under 50 years old. — CBS Los Angeles

According to public health director Barbara Ferrer, the county’s numbers across all COVID-19 tracking categories have been declining for the past six weeks. If a Labor Day surge doesn’t take place, L.A. could progress to the state’s less restrictive red tier in October. — ABC Los Angeles

Have you gotten your flu shot? Health officials are encouraging Angelenos to get their shot to avoid overburdening hospitals with flu and COVID-19 cases simultaneously. — ABC Los Angeles

Desks nestled in gardens, individually-ventilated glass studios, alfresco conference rooms: the COVID-19-aware architecture of Second Home in L.A. may be the future of co-working spaces. — L.A. Times

Full coverage: A person stops for a photo while wearing a face covering, sunglasses and a hat. Photo by Afonso Salcedo.

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