LA launches COVID-19 antigen testing pilot program for firefighters

By Emily Jo Wharry Contributing Writer

L.A. County reported 1,586 new coronavirus cases and 29 deaths today, reflecting an increase in the spread of the virus since the start of October. — CBS Los Angeles

Angelenos who gathered to watch and celebrate recent Lakers and Dodgers wins likely contributed to the county’s recent COVID-19 spike, according to health officials. — Los Angeleno

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the start of the city’s new antigen testing pilot program this week, which will first be administered to local firefighters before transitioning to public COVID-19 testing sites and schools. — NBC Los Angeles

L.A. County will purchase eight motels to act as permanent homeless housing in the next phase of Project Roomkey’s plan to house those who live on the street and are at risk of COVID-19 complications. —  The Grunion

In line with California’s decision last week, Washington, Oregon and Nevada will be independently screening any Food and Drug Administration-approved coronavirus vaccines before distributing them to residents. — San Francisco Chronicle

All Hollywood sets are now required to have a dedicated COVID-19 compliance supervisor who ensures protocol enforcement and is capable of disciplining or firing non-compliant staff. — L.A. Times


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Full coverage: A person stops for a photo while wearing a face covering, sunglasses and a hat. Photo by Afonso Salcedo.

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