‘Los Angeles Reinvented’ shows city’s booming innovation scene


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Los Angeles Reinvented,” by Jodie Hopperton, recognizes Los Angeles as a booming city of innovation and chronicles the compelling stories of top companies like Homeboy Industries, Disney, Westfield and more.

Hopperton, who has a background in news media, was inspired to present readers with an informative manual that explains more about the city with those who are not familiar.

“I feel that L.A. doesn’t do it’s [public relations] in the same way that other cities do and in some ways it’s more difficult to navigate. It doesn’t have a city center and is very much a relationship-driven place,” Hopperton said. “So I wanted to write an inspiring and informative ‘handbook’ explaining Los Angeles specifically for that group of people who just don’t know it.”

“L.A. Reinvented” consists of about 40 different short stories and focuses on industries that Los Angeles excels in such as media, entertainment, music, gaming, food, health and wellness, retail, transportation and aerospace.

“Within each of those industries, there are short stories that demonstrate the major point of innovation that’s happening within Los Angeles or why the city is a hotspot in these areas,” the author said.

Each chapter also concludes with five important points about the chapter. The book highlights the culture of Los Angeles as well.

“It was also important for me that it was visually attractive and easy to read so it’s made up of short stories and ‘need to know’ information about innovation in different industries,” Hopperton said.

“Los Angeles Reinvented” is intended for business and culturally conscious readers.

“I explain seven different industries, what innovations they’re working on and why they’re headquartered in L.A.,” Hopperton said. “Although it was designed for those who don’t know Los Angeles, I’ve also had a lot of feedback from people who live in Los Angeles, some born and bred, that they have learnt a lot about their own city!”

In addition to being an author, Hopperton is a media executive who brings European executives to the West Coast to learn about innovation. She is based in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her work visit LAreinvented.com.

“Los Angeles Reinvented” is available for $34.99 on Amazon, LAreinvented.com, and a number of other outlets.