New book chronicles family’s road to success in Hollywood


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

After being bitten by the acting bug during a brush with fame during a vacation, a family of four makes the decision to leave behind their home in North Carolina for Los Angeles in pursuit of the Hollywood dream.

That’s the basis for “Until Tomorrow, Little People,” by Matt DeBoer. 

Described as a “modern Beverly Hillbillies meets Modern Family,” Deboer’s book was birthed from DeBoer and his family’s pursuit of acting. 

“I wanted to capture this experience and give our kids a written record of their time in L.A. chasing their dreams,” DeBoer said. “I figured it would be a thought here and there, but it turned into a daily ritual.”

Inside the book, DeBoer invites readers into the lives of his family as he shares some of the obstacles they faced during their journey, including leaving the safety and security of their life in North Carolina, downsizing and more. Taking chances and facing one’s dreams is also highlighted.

Writing a book has been a lifelong dream for the author.

“I knew in the back of my mind that time was ticking to accomplish this goal and when we took this trip, my creative juices just flowed for some reason and writing became something I had to do every day,” DeBoer said.

“Until Tomorrow, Little People” is intended for a universal audience and will provide laughter and entertainment.

“I just want readers to laugh,” DeBoer said. “I want to be the reason they escape their everyday world and live in mine for a little while, so they realize they are not the only crazy person or family out there.”

It’s the author’s hope that after reading his book, readers are inspired to “find the funny in their own lives.”

“My whole perspective on life changed when I stopped being annoyed and looked at events as something I can turn into a funny story,” DeBoer said. “It helped me deal with the idiotic happenings of everyday life.”

In addition to being an author, DeBoer is an actor and a consultant in the food industry. DeBoer and his family are based in Los Angeles and North Carolina. For more information about the author, visit

“Until Tomorrow, Little People” is available for $14.99 via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and other online bookselling outlets.