‘Poor Will’s Almanack for 2021’ offers ultimate guide to nature


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Poor Will’s Almanack for 2021,” by Bill Felker, features descriptions of the 48 seasons of the year, the weather systems that cross the continent, the stars, sun and moon, and the seasonal affective disorder index (which measures the forces that cross the continent).

Felker’s interest in “almanacking” began after his wife bought him a barometer.

“Soon I was obsessively tracking and graphing the ups and downs of the weather,” Felker said. “Ten years later, I was trying to give up my addiction to nicotine and began walking in the woods to distract myself.”

Felker, who has produced weekly columns and almanacs since 1985, felt that is was important to create a book that addresses the natural world around us. He enjoyed journaling his observations of nature.

“The more I explored the natural world and followed its cycles, the more I realized the effect that nature had on my emotions,” Felker said. “At the same time, I realized that my new connection to the natural world was changing my view of matters such as climate and pollution.”

One of the author’s favorite parts of his book is the section that addresses seasonal affective disorder index.

“It is a truly unique method I developed for following the forces that are said to be related to seasonal stress (cloud cover, the day’s length, the likely weather, and the phase of the moon),” Felker said. “The index helps me be mindful of the connection between what is happening outside of me and what is happening inside.”

“Poor Will’s Almanack for 2021” is intended not only for farmers, but also those who want to become more aware of nature and its effect on their lives.

“I hope that readers will be able to use the almanack as a stepping stone to feeling closer to nature,” Felker said. “I hope that they will feel more connected to the earth and sky and better able to face the challenges of their life.”

In addition to being an author and columnist, Felker is a gardener and a book binder. He lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

For more information about the author and his work, visit poorwillsalmanack.com.

“Poor Will’s Almanack for 2021” is available for $12.95 on Amazon. Felker’s website, poorwillsalmanack.com, offers a special bundle price of “Poor Will’s Alamanac 2021 and 2020 books for $25.