‘Should everyone be required to wear double masks?’


Wallace Pinder

Los Angeles

“I don’t think so. One mask is enough for me. People are stressed out enough already as it is. Asking people to wear two masks is just too much, I think.”

Kyle Smith

Los Angeles

“I have elderly parents that I want to visit, so I’ll do it. “We just have to do what we have to do and ride this thing out. I’m just hoping to get the vaccine and get back to something close to normal.”

Colette Jackson

Los Angeles

“I work from home and don’t really go out a lot, so for me, I don’t feel it’s necessary. … But for people who are out there and come in contact with a lot of people … they should do it to protect themselves and other people.”

Deon Douglas

Los Angeles

“I don’t know how much better two masks can be. I think if you have one mask, especially if it’s like one of those N95 masks … I think that’s enough. I think it just depends on the mask.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.