‘Should President Trump select the next Supreme Court justice?’


Bruce Williams.

Los Angeles

“Not this close to the election, no. They’re always talking about how they’re representing the people, so they need to let the people decide.”

James Oates

Los Angeles

“I don’t want Trump to pick out nothing.  I feel we’ve been through enough already. We don’t need any more problems and division in the country.”

William Smoots


“I think a president should be allowed to nominate the person, I really do, but we don’t even know how long he’s going to be president, so I think he should wait.”

Sarah Murphy

Mar Vista

“He’s going to pick someone just like him, so no. Even if it is a woman, I still don’t want him to choose.  He’s done enough damage to this country.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in the West Adams District.

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