‘Should the government issue a second stimulus check?’


Antonia M. Routt

Los Angeles

“I think it would be absolutely important to receive an additional stimulus check since initially we believed the pandemic would have ended and the restriction of work and home would have concluded last month. “


Los Angeles

Yes, because the economy hasn’t opened up. People are still out of work. They still need money. They still have rent to pay.”

Christopher Wenell


“I think the government should issue a structured plan, not just a check. … A single check is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. It’s not going to do anything.”

Jasmine Judon


“I think that there should be a second stimulus check. … People are just out here living day to day. … They should definitely issue a second one and if they have plans to do a third one, do that, too.

Vanessa Ballard

Los Angeles

Yes because the economy hasn’t gotten back to what it originally was.  A lot of people are out of jobs and people are still losing their jobs.  So I think people should still get it because people still need the help.

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at a block party in Leimert Park.