‘Should the U.S. track athlete have been suspended from the Olympics?’


Mona S.

Los Angeles

“At this time, with the political climate, a year after George Floyd, something smells fishy to me. It seems like some sort of retaliation.”

Marie R.

Los Angeles

“I think the suspension was motivated by malice. She’s a very flamboyant individual and the powers that be said ‘no, we’re going give her a chance to reevaluate the way she presents herself.’”

Lisa T.

Los Angeles

“As terrible as her situation was with losing her mom, knowing that she was about to go and do the tryouts, the choice to take the substance probably wasn’t good.”

Elbert Thompson

Los Angeles

“I believe she should have been disqualified. At the same time, the education should have been ‘You shouldn’t be smoking marijuana, period.’” 

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Marina del Rey.