‘Should vaccinations be mandatory in the workplace?’


Desiree Manyweather

Long Beach

“Yes, because it … protects the worker in the workplace. You never know who is susceptible. … If you value being employed, it’s something you should consider.”

Jacki Grimes

Los Angeles

“At the rate people are dying, I do believe that’s the best thing, for everybody to be vaccinated. Those people that cannot be vaccinated, they should be made to wear a mask at all times.”

Pamela Jones

Leimert Park

“I just feel like the more of us that get vaccinated, the [better our chances are] to get past this pandemic and keep ourselves safe, particularly from the Delta variant.”

Pamela Wilson


“I think that employers should require their employees to be vaccinated.  Those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons, religious reasons or whatever, should wear masks and submit to periodic testing.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park.