‘Should vaccinations be required for children?’

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Sandra Leden

Los Angeles

“I think it’s a little too soon to require children to get vaccinated for COVID. I think they should wait a while, see what the levels are, see how many get it on their own and go from there.”

Shawna Beal

Los Angeles

“No, I don’t think so. I think it’s wrong to require someone to get vaccinated. … You never know what’s going to happen and everybody’s different.”

Rae Gilbert

Mar Vista

“If they want to play sports or do things where they come into close contact with other kids for long periods of time.  If they don’t want to get vaccinated, then they should have to get tested regularly.”

Christopher Thomas

Los Angeles

“Depends. If they’re in school with other kids, yeah. If there not in class, then no I don’t think they should be required to. … Most kids are okay with getting it. The ones that aren’t, it’s because of the parents.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Ladera Park.

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