‘Would you take the coronavirus vaccine tomorrow?’

Ian Foxx

Los Angeles

“I don’t usually take vaccines. To be honest, I don’t really trust the system. … Someone very close to me tested positive, so out of respect for that person I probably would.”

Pastor William D. Smart Jr.

Los Angeles

“Yes. Because of my role as president and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California, I would take the vaccination. The patent belongs to a … black woman.”

Theresa Ilalio Alcantra

Los Angeles

“I’m really mixed with my feelings on the vaccine. My sister’s been vaccinated. Maybe not tomorrow, but eventually I’ll take it.”

Calvin Williams

Los Angeles

“No. I’m actually a vegan.  From what I understand, they use certain parts of animals to create the vaccine. That’s one issue I have with the vaccine. The other is the fact that it’s mutating into different strains.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park.

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