STREET BEAT: ‘Are you concerned about climate change?’

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the K Line Leimert Park station.


Gregory Young
Long Beach
“Yes. I’m the grandfather of a 7 year old. I would like my grandson to have as long of a life as possible. If the climate is affecting his potential life’s longevity, we should do what we can to alter that.”
Earnest Williams
Los Angeles
“Depending on a person’s belief system, they’re going to believe one set of facts over the other. … ? I’m about objectivity. I follow the facts.”
Cathy Lewis
“Health wise, climate change is not good for us. The ozone is leaving and that’s going to affect our health. Probably our skin, too. … I believe climate change is real.”

Verita Wright
Los Angeles
“No I am not. The reason is, I know that my heavenly father named Jesus will take care of me.”