Social distancing strains California’s energy grid amid heat wave

The Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school district in the U.S., will launch a massive COVID-19 testing and tracing program.

Social-distancing lead to California’s worst energy shortage in 20 years. The strain on power grids during the heat wave — caused by many staying home and using their air conditioners as opposed to visiting public spaces like movie theaters and cooling centers — forced officials to order rolling blackouts across the state. — L.A. Times

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced a coronavirus testing and contact tracing program that, if successful, would encompass 500,000 students and 75,000 staff members. — L.A. Times

Contrary to health officials’ fears at the start of the pandemic, L.A. County’s homeless population has been largely spared by the virus. Officials estimate that more than 1,200 of an estimated 66,000 homeless people have been infected in L.A. County. — KTLA

Contact tracing efforts at the state and county levels are struggling due to a lack of bilingual staff. — The Mercury News

Pink’s Hot Dogs, the iconic 81-year-old hot dog stand, has reopened for the first time since its COVID-19 shutdown five months ago. — CBS Los Angeles