STREET BEAT: ‘Based on recent hearings, what should happen to Donald Trump?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the Ladera Shopping Center.

Sonya Frazier
“I don’t think any president, Donald Trump or not, should have the right to do anything they want. So for me … justice should be done.”
Mark Hanes
Los Angeles
“I think he should not be allowed to run for president again. … Although what he did was a crime, I think sending him to jail would be bad for the country and just divide us more.”
Paul Collier
Los Angeles
“He should be put under the jail. Not in it, but under it. That’s it.”
Robert Troy
Los Angeles
“What he did was a crime. … He should go to prison just like anyone else. The law has to stand for something, otherwise what is it for?”


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