STREET BEAT: ‘Do you think our democracy is at risk?’

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Baldwin Hill Crenshaw Plaza.


Wyllisa Bennett
Los Angeles
“Absolutely. As long as there are people that believe Joe Biden didn’t win the presidency and … because of what happened on Jan. 6 [2021], it’s definitely at risk.”
Robert Cofield
Los Angeles
“I don’t follow politics, but I would say that something is going on in this country.”
Wallace Pinder
Los Angeles
“Did we ever have a democracy? I’m serious, when you look at how Black people are treated in this country — and the homeless everywhere — I don’t ever think we had one.”
Danielle Forte
“I think we’ve been fighting for a democracy, but I think now we’re losing that fight. … I hope not, but I think it’s only going to get harder.”


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