STREET BEAT: ‘How has the price of gas affected you?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in South Los Angeles.

Andre Brent
Los Angeles
“I’m just shopping around looking for cheap gas prices. … Gas prices right now are killing me. I’m just about ready to get on public transportation to get back and forth to work.”
Marlene Fierro Manzanares
Los Angeles
“I have to budget differently now that gas prices are going up. I’m starting to really feel it. I’ve cut back a little on other things like movies and Starbucks to make up the difference.”
Juan Cardenas
Los Angeles
My wallet is getting lighter and lighter every day. It’s the same for everybody … at this point. … When you’re at the pump, you just see the amount going up and up.”
Khary Crump
It’s restricting what I do on the weekend as far as hanging out and doing different things like that. I’m being more selective on where I go and where I hang out.”



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