STREET BEAT: ‘If reparations are to be paid, who should get them?’

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Ruben Ingold Park in View Park.


Rae Johnson
Los Angeles
“I think only the Black people that are descendants of enslaved should get reparations. That makes it fair. Otherwise, it’s just giving out money to people because they’re Black and that’s not what this is about.”
Joshua Cook
Los Angeles
“Every African American in this country should receive some type of compensation for the unjust treatment that we’ve received for the last 400 years.”
Charlie McCoy
“Depends on what the reparations are for. Personally, I’d rather see free college tuition or credit towards a home loan. … No matter how much money you get, it’s not going to last forever.”
Leon Willis
Culver City
“The damage is done, but I do think reparations are owed to blacks in this country. … It has to be something and it should go to the Black people whose great-great whoever built this country.”