STREET BEAT: ‘Is climate change causing our erratic weather?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area.

Gwen Troy
Los Angeles
“I don’t have a real professional environmental answer, but I think a lot of things that we’re doing to the earth … have something to do with weather changes.”
Robert Kline
Los Angeles
“If you’re asking if I think climate change is real and having an effect on the weather, then my answer is yes. The weather has changed a lot since I was a kid.”
Jay Rogers
“Yes, but I think the climate is changing because of what we’re doing on earth. All the toxic things we’re doing have an effect. It’s a lot drier now, I know that for sure.”
Maya Johnson
Culver City
“The disaster seasons seem to last longer. Like fire season and hurricane season and tornado season, to me, it seems like they’re getting longer. Especially fire season here in California.”


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