STREET BEAT: ‘Should President Biden forgive all student loan debt?’

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in downtown Los Angeles.

May Odiakosa
Los Angeles
“First of all, there is inflation. That affects what he can do. … Secondly the Senate is 50-50, so he can’t really be bold in what he wants to do. I’d rather take something than nothing.”
Jack Ochoa
Los Angeles
“Yes. All of it. Go all in. Either you’re committed to helping these guys not feel like they are drowning or you’re kind of cutting the banks a breaks.”
Ronald Lee Oliver
Los Angeles
“Our education system needs to be upgraded so that children that graduate from high school are graduating with honors so they can have scholarships instead of loans.”
LaToya Boston
Los Angeles
“Biden needs to completely forgive 100% of everybody’s student loans. I’m a college graduate. As of today, I owe $150,000 in student loans. I’ve been paying … for the past 23 years.”