STREET BEAT: ‘What can be done to make our streets safer?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Slauson Park.


Arman Fahid
Los Angeles
“Drivers need to slow down. It sounds stupid, but maybe not drive when they get angry and take it out on people who don’t have nothing to do with it.”
Gerald Calhoun
Los Angeles
“People are just going to be who they are … no matter what. There’s not a lot you can do with it. You just have to take every day as it comes and that’s it.”
Marcus Hill
Los Angeles
“I feel bad for the people who were killed in that accident. I really don’t have much to say. … Just sorry that it happened.”
Tiffany Williams
Los Angeles
“I don’t know. It’s out of control. Folks running red lights and speeding and doing donuts in the streets. … Maybe they can park empty police cars in different places and leave the lights on.”
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