STREET BEAT: ‘What do you do to conserve energy at home?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Ontario Airport.

Carmen Obasi
Los Angeles
“We changed our faucet and toilet to low-flow. We got something from the DWP for our thermostat and we changed that, too.”
Kamela Stewart
“We stopped all of our sprinkler systems and we’re not watering our yard anymore. Trying to get outside and read a bit more instead of sitting in front of the TV for hours when it’s so hot.”
McCall Hall
Los Angeles
“I brush my teeth in the shower and use other products that require water in the shower. At night, I try not to flush my toilet after 10 p.m. to save water. I’ll wait until the morning.”
Bob Barbosa
Long Beach
“In Long Beach, we’re only allowed to water the plants two days a week and we stick with that. We’re trying to come up with a plan where we’re not washing clothes like crazy.”


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