STREET BEAT: ‘What does the Fourth of July mean to you?’

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the Leimert Park Rail Station.

Lavada Theus
Los Angeles
“It’s a celebration of independence from England. America’s beginning doesn’t mean independence for me. But it is being independent from foreign rule and I celebrate that.”
Jonnie Raines
Los Angeles
“Honestly, now that Juneteenth is an official holiday, the Fourth of July is the day after the third and the day before the fifth. Especially in today’s climate, it’s a reminder of all of the things that are wrong.”
Anthony Jolly
Los Angeles
“As a kid, it was great to get together and barbecue and shoot off fireworks … As I got older, I realized African Americans didn’t benefit a lot from independence and freedoms.”
Diane Robertson
Leimert Park
“The Fourth of July is a significant part of American history, but as it as it relates to me and my ancestors, it’s not a holiday that I celebrate. It’s essentially a day off from work and a day to take advantage of retailers’ sales.”
Martine Martinez
Los Angeles
“The Fourth of July means liberty for all. This was done first by a lot of people with courage and they cared about the situation of the country in those days.”