STREET BEAT: ‘What important traits should the next mayor have?’

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Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in South Los Angeles.


Ken Carter
Los Angeles
“I don’t know any politicians, but from what I’ve hear and read, a lot of them aren’t very forthcoming, so I would say honesty.”
Meschellia Johnson
Los Angeles
“Good character and good judgment. An ear to hear what the people are saying. Culturally sensitive to the issues in our community between Black and brown.”
Diana Lopez
Los Angeles
“A better understanding of the people in the community. A sense of empathy to understand where they’re coming from even if they haven’t had the same experiences or walked the same walk.”
Rosemary Stevens
“They should have the ability to bring all people together within the city and find out what the needs are and help them and they should make things safe.”
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