STREET BEAT: ‘What would make you vote for a different presidential candidate?’

Terry Scott


“If the presidential candidate would fight to reinstate the voting rights act and have it ingrained in our Constitution.  Whoever does that I would vote for.”

Jessy Blume

Beverly Hills

If something happened to one of them and a new candidate came in, which is what I’m kind of hoping for. Neither of them is who I see as the vision for our future.”

Claudia Spears

Los Angeles

“This election is one of the most important ones of our generation. Nothing is going to change my mind about the Biden-Harris ticket.”

Tracy Thomas

Los Angeles

I’m not really excited about either candidate. The Democrats take our vote for granted and the Republicans act like Black people don’t exist, so I’m not feeling either one.” 

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

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