STREET BEAT: ‘Who do you feel had a big impact on women’s history?’

Mark Ramos

Culver City

“Eleanor Roosevelt did a lot of things that she didn’t get credit for. I think she was a quiet trailblazer and had a lot of influence in her time.”

Cassandra Hollier

Culver City

“Michelle Obama, of course.  She and Hillary Clinton literally changed the role of first lady to a position in the White House.”

Rose Miller

Los Angeles

“Michelle Obama all day, every day. I think she did more than President Obama did.”

Vickie Vasquez

Mar Vista

“I think the Supreme Court has a major effect on how things are. I work with the courts, so I would say Ruth Bader Ginsberg … had a big impact.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Fox Hills Park in Culver City.

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