STREET BEAT ‘Who has made a significant impact on Black history?’

Alamazie Warren[

Alamazie Warren

Los Angeles

“I’ll never forget when the late congressman John Lewis said to get into good trouble, necessary trouble and help redeem the soul of America. Every day … I try to do that.”  



Adrian Jenkins

Los Angeles

“For me, it’s the late apostle Fredrick KC Price of Crenshaw Christian Center. The integrity, the word of God and excellence he imparted is something I’m looking to instill in the next generation.”



DeJohnette Newell

Los Angeles

“The sacrifice Harriet Tubman made to lead others like that sticks with me. I think she was an example of giving up of one’s self so others could be better.” 


Claire Peters

Los Angeles

“More people should know about Bessie Coleman. She was the first Black, man or woman, to get a pilot’s license and do stunts. Also, Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Rock Church in South Los Angeles.