Suspenseful romance novel has interesting plot twists


By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Legend Gambino had to become a man after the deaths of his mother and father. While running his father’s slaughterhouse, he started transporting drugs inside the bodies of the animals.

Allen, a devoted worker, became the driver for Legend’s criminal activities. When Allen hijacked a truck filled with drugs, Legend decided to abduct his daughter, Chastity. While she was being held captive, a love affair ensued and the untold truth that tainted both of their pasts began to resurface.

So goes, “Stealing the Plug’s Heart,” by serial story teller Barbie Scott.

The heart-wrenching love saga was partly inspired by the Grim Sleeper, an American serial killer.

“His story did inspire some of the book because it takes place in South Central,” Scott said. “The Grim Sleeper worked on my cars and I knew his family; it’s kind of one of those you never know who; like someone right up under your nose can be treacherous.”

It’s important for Scott to write books that are not typical love stories. The characters inside the book face familial issues, addiction, childhood trauma, abuse and more.

“I make sure they’re relatable to incidents occurring in people’s lives; even if I’ve never been through them, someone has,” said the author. “Like the women that may have survived the Grim Sleeper; everybody has a story to tell and if you don’t tell it, it can be read and you may touch a special emotion inside of someone.”

“Stealing the Plug’s Heart” will be enjoyed by lovers of romance novels filled with intensity. “Reading a story is boring, but a story with suspense and a dope storyline holds your attention,” Scott said.

She said she hopes readers are inspired by her book and the message to not be judgmental. In all of her books, she gives readers insight on “thugs.”

“People hear the word ‘thug’ and assume there’s killings, drug dealing, and yes there is, but that doesn’t make them bad people,” Scott said. “The thugs always save these women whether it’s from a broken past or torment.”

In addition to being an author, Scott is a publisher, screenwriter, wife and mother. She is based in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Stealing the Plug’s Heart” is available for $14.99 via, $4.99 on Kindle, and free with Kindle Unlimited.