‘Were COVID-19 restrictions eased too soon?’


Faye Geyen

Los Angeles

“No, we did not open it too quickly. I was inside for a year and a half and did not do a lot of things because we were on lockdown, so I would say no. I didn’t go out until I had a shot.”

Hannibal Harris

Los Angeles

“I think we opened too quickly because there was no plan for when things opened. They just opened. I do live shows and once we start having these live shows, somebody’s going to catch something.”

Clyde Sparrow

Los Angeles

“No, I do not. It’s time for us to get back going. I think the scientists and everyone is saying it’s safe and I’m in agreement with them. I think we should open things up and get things going.”

DeMille Halliburton

Leimert Park

“No. They went through all the safety precautions. It’s been a while and we can’t be locked up forever. The businesses are suffering.  Our mental health was declining. So no, I don’t think it opened up too soon.

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Gardena.

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