‘What do you look forward to attending maskless?’

Mary Pavlica

Mar Vista

“I’m looking forward to going to an outdoor concert in [Lake] Arrowhead. We had to pre-book a table and pay extra, but it will be nice to smile without a mask on.”


Martha Hall

Culver City

“I’m just looking forward to not having to think about a mask. Sometimes I’m uncertain if you need one outdoors or in certain grocery stores. … Just to be out and about and see people’s faces is what I look forward to.”

Gary Pavlica

Mar Vista

“I’m a musician, so I’m looking forward to more gigs and more times in front of audiences. I miss that deeply. I’m looking forward to seeing people smiling and happy.”

Wayne Jackson

Los Angeles

“I’d like to go back to my church maskless. That’s my main thing.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Marina del Rey.