‘What does the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza need?’


Angela Goodman

Los Angeles

“For me, it’s more about who should own the Crenshaw Mall and that would be Black people. It’s in a majority Black community and it should be run by Black people.”

Shannon Jackson

Los Angeles

“I think they should bring in more upscale stores and restaurants.  There’s a lot of money in Baldwin Hills and Winsor Hills, but that money doesn’t stay in the community because there’s not a lot of options.”

Robert Williams

Los Angeles

“I heard there building a high-rise hotel and more housing. I think they should bring in more restaurants and entertainment. We need entertainment venues and things that attract tourists and serve the community.”

Alnita Campbell

Los Angeles

“First thing they need to do is to bring in more city services for trash pick-up and clean the sidewalks in the whole area around the mall. That would be a good start.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.