Author offers message of hope in ‘EncourageMints for Tough Times’

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“EncourageMints for Tough Times,” by Dwayne Shigg, is an inspiring new book that offers practical motivation for handling the difficulties one may experience throughout life.

The new book was inspired by a series of “EncourageMint” videos the author posted before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The need for them accelerated because of COVID and it was important to give people some hope not just for COVID conditions, but for the other tough things that they were dealing with,” Shigg said. “Much of what we were hearing during 2020, was very seemingly hopeless.”

“EncourageMints for Tough Times” provides tools to help readers navigate through difficult times. Some of the topics include, success do’s and don’ts, maintaining hope, appreciating the process it takes to succeed, courageous confidence and more.

This is the author’s 16th book and it’s important for Shigg to create books that not only help elevate the lives of others, but also share his own stories.

“I like to be practical in my writing and speaking because a lot of time as a motivational speaker, we give people a lot of ‘rah rah’ and get them up but don’t tell them what to do when they come back down,” Shigg said.

The book acknowledges the highs and lows of life but it reminds readers to not stay low.

“I don’t want to paint the picture that everything is OK, but the picture that everything can be OK,” the author said.

“EncourageMints for Tough Times” will be enjoyed by readers of all backgrounds.

“The audience is the person that doesn’t want to just settle for the problematic status quo,” Shigg said. “The person that knows that things are rough but won’t be stopped by it.”

It is the author’s hope that readers will be moved by the messages shared in his book.

“I want the reader to get some answers and to be provoked to create some answers,” Shigg said.

In addition to being an author, Shigg is a motivational speaker and teaches workshops for leaders, ministers and new authors. He is also a husband, father and grandfather who is based in Compton.

To connect with the author, visit Facebook: @Dwayne Shigg or Instagram: Ncourageman.

“EncourageMints for Tough Times” is available for $15 on Amazon.

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