Author pushes her readers to operate on new level

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Reboot: Operate on a Whole New Level,” by Michelle Harris Collins, is a new self-help book that offers readers insight and information on how to succeed mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Reboot” was inspired by Collins’ belief that everyone has their own internal operating system.

“Like a computer device that no longer functions properly or as intended, a reboot becomes inevitably necessary, meaning to put in a state of readiness for operation,” Collins said. “This book is the manual for all things Operation Whole, making it conducive for continued growth and evolution.”

The book is separated into three sections: Boot, Applications and Log Off.

“Whether learning a different way of navigating relationships, decision-making techniques, how to properly conduct business or redefining self-care, ‘Reboot’ gives you permission without apology to improve in areas of your life where there is dysfunction or malfunction,” the author said.

It was important for Collins to create a book that would help readers move toward healthier versions of themselves.

“This book was created to remind the reader that they are more valuable than man-made machines or devices that we repair with haste, trade in or upgrade to better serve our immediate purpose,” Collins said. “Like a manual that is provided prior to attempting to operate any machine, ‘Reboot’ is the best operating system for those ready to take action.”

Collins’ favorite chapter in the book is “Before You Crash,” and it addresses the “burn-outs” one may experience.

“Similar to a computer, the body may give you warning signals to alert you that you are not operating at optimum level,” said the author. “This chapter reminds you to heed the warning signs that could ultimately save your life.”

“Reboot” is intended for anyone seeking to make positive changes in their life.

“The process can be daunting and having limited support, whether it be resources or community makes transformation even more difficult,” Collins said. “Reading ‘Reboot,’ will guide the reader in the right direction for healing, wholeness and peace during the process.”

In addition to being an author, Collins is a mentor, public speaking coach, emotional mastery coach, and stage presence trainer. She lives in the San Fernando Valley with her family.

To learn more about Collins and her work, visit

“Reboot: Operate on a Whole New Level” is available for $15 via or on Amazon.

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