BOOK CORNER: Actress and TikTok sensation offers her perspective on life

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By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“The Book of Annie: Humor, Heart and Chutzpah from an Accidental Influencer,” by Annie Korzen, is a book filled with humorous — and sometimes poignant — stories of love, art, the entertainment industry, the generation gap, thrift-shopping and more lifestyle-related subjects.

The book was inspired by the author’s desire to share her story.

“According to my TikTok fans, my long life seems to have helped me acquire some wisdom that’s worth sharing,” Korzen said.

Korzen said she was moved by the appreciation the younger generations have shown to her.

“I’m very thrilled at the new respect younger people are showing for older people, particularly older women,” Korzen said. “That’s very gratifying because up until now, we have not only felt invisible but insulted.

“I’m not a puppy, I’m not a toddler, I’m a person of great experience and great wisdom and if you’re smart, you will listen to what I have to say.”

“The Book of Annie” is filled with humorous personal essays that shed light on the author’s life experiences and observations she has made along the way. She tackles topics ranging from happiness, relationships, motherhood, culture, religion, career and much more. 

“I talk about myself hopefully in a way that will inspire other people,” Korzen said. “I talk a lot about the mistakes I’ve made and how I’ve corrected them.”

Korzen describes her book as a “laugh riot” and her favorite parts are “the sections where I bring humor to serious subjects.” Some of the serious subjects include postpartum depression, becoming a mixed-race family and her husband being hidden as a child from the Nazis. 

“The Book of Annie” will not only be inspiring to readers but also encouraging as it challenges them to step out of their comfort zone.

“I would like to help people think outside the box; we don’t always need to be bound by rules and traditions,” Korzen said. “Saying yes is important, but we also have to find the courage to say no, which I should have done when invited to go camping.”

In addition to being an author, Korzen is an actress, teacher, speaker and social media influencer. She is based in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her work, visit or TikTok @akorzen.

“The Book of Annie: Humor, Heart, and Chutzpah from an Accidental Influencer” is available for $17.99 on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Barnes and Noble, and Audible. 

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